Signs Your Electric Meter Might Be Broken

home electricsRunning a family is a hectic task but on top of that you have to keep up with household chores and maintenace. Sometimes it seems like there is just not enough hours in the day. As a parent myself I understand that we need all the help we can get and it’s articles like this that are a god send. If you find that everything in your home seems to be breaking down then then try to catch it early before you’re snowed under. This article will help you if you rely on your electric meter and it appears to be broken.

An electric meter (find one at is a very important for the power company and its consumers. It is the device that provides information which allows power companies to determine the exact energy usage of consumers and how much they will be charged with. With such importance on electric meter, it is critical that the electric meter is functioning properly the entire time. This is because if the electric meter is broken, it would be impossible to know the exact energy consumption of a consumer in a particular month or interval. Though sometimes it will take a long time to notice that the meter is broken, it is still possible to know them through observations and signs. Here are the signs which can indicate that your electric meter might be broken.electriciity

  1. Significant increase or decrease on monthly bills – Unless you installed and used a set of equipment which consumes a lot of electricity, it is almost impossible for your monthly electric bills to increase significantly. On the other hand, it is also impossible for the monthly bills to decrease significantly unless you stop using or lower the usage of appliances or devices at a large portion. The only possible cause will be a broken electric meter which provides incorrect reading.
  2. Isolated power interruption – If you experience an isolated case of power interruption without any problems with your appliances or wirings, your electric meter could be the culprit since it is also connected to your electric line.
  3. No changes on total kWh value – If you are using electricity but there is virtually no changes in the total accumulated value in the electric meter, then it is definitely broken unless the amount of electricity you consume is insignificant.
  4. Old electric meter – Just like other devices, electric meter will break down at some point. If your electric meter is decades old, you might need to change your electric meter to avoid any major impact to your monthly electric bills. Old analog electric meters could have lose or rusty parts which prevent the meter to function properly or an old digital meter could have a circuit or electronic part cut off or broken down.
  5. Too much discrepancy on readings – If there is a great discrepancy on the readings like the kWh value is doubled than average or it is half than average, it is a sign that the electric meter is broken. This is the first sign people will notice if they love to inspect their electric meter often.

If you notice any of the above signs, it is better to contact your power company so they can send someone to check the status of your electric meter and avoid paying more than what you consumed.…