Top Italian Restaurants To Visit With Your Family In London

It has been said that Italian cooking is something that relies mostly on the simplicity and authenticity of the ingredients and great sources which is why there are more and more people who love Italian cuisines. Now, if you and your family live in London, there are hundreds of restaurants which could offer you the best Italian dishes you can ever find. From the classical food, exciting pastas and ultimate selection of deserts and other courses, you would be sure that that you can only dine the very best of it.italiant-restaurant--300x181

To try the diversity of Italian cookery and take a break from cooking every now and then we have listed some of the best restaurants where you can taste Italian flavors:

  1. Four to Eight

If you are in London, you will never regret to visit the rated-A Four to Eight Restaurant. They are very committed in indulging their customers to their very sumptuous Italian cuisines. Their food is rightly priced, thus, you won’t really have to worry about the bill to pay. This restaurant is also known to have good wines to match every dining moment which is very perfect especially for lovers. From pasta, meat, pizza, vegetarian courses and many more, you will taste Italian flavors in every bite. If you ask where Four to Eight is situated, you just have to visit this in The Covent Garden.

  1. Salotto31

This is where you can find the simplest Italian dining. The quality of their food is very exceptional that is why so many people come and visit them always. Whether you like to have a hearty lunch or a fine dinner with friends or loved ones, you can definitely enjoy their Italian dishes. They have the most hospitable staff and offer good music as you dine.

  1. Cecconi’s

Cecconi’s never fail to serve the people with their best pasta. This is located in 5a Burlington Gardens, London, Greater London. Rest assured that all the pasta dishes they prepare are rich and delicious. Tagliatelle Bolognese is a must-try dish followed by crab ravioli, truffle pasta and veal capellini. You would never go wrong with these options because  Cecconi’s serves all the best for you.


  1. San Carlo Cicchetti

Looking for food and amazing Italian service? Then San Carlo Cicchetti is right for you! Here, you dine and get entertained with waiters who sing. You would definitely go back for more if you have tasted their pasta. Remember to pop a bottle of prosecco when you dine!

  1. Burro e Salvia

This restaurant is hailed because their dishes are created passionately with their good chef. They specialize in pasta dishes. The best thing about Burro e Salvia is that, their pasta is handmade and extremely fresh. The restaurant serves wide variety of dishes to enjoy. They prepare their dishes with extreme expertise and passion; no wonder people keep coming back for more.

These are just five of the best Italian Restaurant London you can ever find in the area. There are many more to explore and to try too, my personal favourite is La Ballerina. Wherever Italian Restaurant you are in, for sure you will never fail to satisfy your cravings; London is a home to Italian cuisines.


Encouraging healthy family lifestyle


Most of us know the importance of healthy living and sometimes make attempts to observe such a lifestyle. It is, however, difficult to carry out activities that will make sure that the whole family is taken care of. Between work and regular chores at home, there is little time for the whole family to do something constructive together. It is for this reason that obesity has become such a menace even in low-income homes. Most parents only take care of the basic needs of their children but do little to ensure that their kids are living healthily.

First, it is important to note that parents are the first to affect the way children think and behave. They are their role models, their supporters and heroes not only when they are toddlers but throughout their lives. Children mirror almost everything that their parents do. From how they talk, walk and even their eating patterns. If the parents are sedentary; they spend most of their time in front of TV screens and computer monitors then the children are highly likely to be sedentary.  If the parents, however, choose to live healthily by eating well and exercising regularly then the children are also likely to pick, up on this behavior and do it all their lives.

Another basic rule of healthy living is to observe eating habits. It is known that eating snacks and other fast foods while on the go is bad for your health and leads to an increase of calories in your body. You should ensure that the whole family cuts down on their intake of such foods. You can instead make it a habit to have sit-down meals as a family. By doing this, your children will learn that the best time to eat is during sit-down meals and that unhealthy eating on the go is not good for them.

Exercise is also a big part of healthy living and as a parent, you should ensure that your children get plenty of it. These days many kids shy from outdoor activities for the TV and the computer. You need to make sure that your kids get to go outside and do some exercise. It has also been recommended that family exercise might be the best way to go about this. With our tight schedules, it is sometimes tough to find time to carry out these family activities. However, there are simple things you can do that can get you that time.

You can make it a habit for the whole family to exercise during commercial breaks. When a commercial break comes do some pushups together, run, jump and just do general exercise. Though a simple method, it will go a long way in reducing sedentary time and increasing the time that your family spends exercising. You can also dance together. Dancing is a fun way to ensure that the family gets some exercise and also bonds. Choose a song that all of you enjoy and just dance your way to the tune.

However much we may try, TV and computers are going to be a force in our homes. Children these days are hooked to their devices and sometimes it seems that there is just no stopping them. Instead of fighting technology you can blend with it and try electronic fitness programs for the whole family. This will help the parents cross the generational gap and also help the children get some exercise.…

A Perfect Guide To Buying Plastic Splashback For Your Kitchen

People prefer plastic because it is durable and it looks good in the eyes. This is the reason why some  house furniture are made up of plastics most especially in the kitchen. If you try to research, there are hundreds of  thousands of people who choose plastic as their kitchen splashback. These Plastic splashback for kitchen are usually made from the finest acrylics. If you try to shop online or anywhere, you should not forget to set the guidelines so that you can be sure that you can purchase only the good ones.

Listed below are some of the guidelines you have to keep in mind for a successful Plastic splashback for kitchen shopping.

  1. Look at the product description

When you shop online, one thing that you should not miss is paying attention to its product description. Do not skip this step; it would let you know what the materials are made of. If you shop in a store, then, you need a visual inspection to ensure a good product purchase. As a tip, please bear in mind that a good kitchen splashback should look like a glass not a plastic. If you find an item which has that characteristic, then it is a good one.

  1. Beware of imitations

Validate whether the products which are available in the market is authentic or fake. Nowadays, there are so imitation items flooding in the market. If you are not careful enough, you would just waste your money investing on something which is not worth it. How do we check if it is authentic or just an imitation? The answer is, you should refer to the product reviews. This will help you in the validation of your item.

  1. Compare the cost

When you shop, it is a necessary step for you to compare prices of the different products you are choosing from. You should not make up your mind quickly as there are other good options offered in the market which has good prices.  Also, bear in mind that there are several factors affecting the price of the item—size, material it is made of and delivery fees.

  1. Check if it has clear instructions

Most of the Plastic splashback for kitchen is usually Do-it-yourself. Hence, try to check the manual it came with to see if the instructions is clearly given and are easy to follow. Installing the product in the kitchen could be a hefty task for you. Check first the manual or installation guide before proceeding to your purchase.

  1. Select an appropriate colour of the splashback

Colour is one of the most important key elements to making your furniture look attractive and nice. Colour customisation is possible because some manufacturers sell the same design but with various colours available.

Do not hesitate to check and be keen for details when you do a purchase! A good buy lies on you!…

Signs Your Electric Meter Might Be Broken

home electricsRunning a family is a hectic task but on top of that you have to keep up with household chores and maintenace. Sometimes it seems like there is just not enough hours in the day. As a parent myself I understand that we need all the help we can get and it’s articles like this that are a god send. If you find that everything in your home seems to be breaking down then then try to catch it early before you’re snowed under. This article will help you if you rely on your electric meter and it appears to be broken.

An electric meter (find one at is a very important for the power company and its consumers. It is the device that provides information which allows power companies to determine the exact energy usage of consumers and how much they will be charged with. With such importance on electric meter, it is critical that the electric meter is functioning properly the entire time. This is because if the electric meter is broken, it would be impossible to know the exact energy consumption of a consumer in a particular month or interval. Though sometimes it will take a long time to notice that the meter is broken, it is still possible to know them through observations and signs. Here are the signs which can indicate that your electric meter might be broken.electriciity

  1. Significant increase or decrease on monthly bills – Unless you installed and used a set of equipment which consumes a lot of electricity, it is almost impossible for your monthly electric bills to increase significantly. On the other hand, it is also impossible for the monthly bills to decrease significantly unless you stop using or lower the usage of appliances or devices at a large portion. The only possible cause will be a broken electric meter which provides incorrect reading.
  2. Isolated power interruption – If you experience an isolated case of power interruption without any problems with your appliances or wirings, your electric meter could be the culprit since it is also connected to your electric line.
  3. No changes on total kWh value – If you are using electricity but there is virtually no changes in the total accumulated value in the electric meter, then it is definitely broken unless the amount of electricity you consume is insignificant.
  4. Old electric meter – Just like other devices, electric meter will break down at some point. If your electric meter is decades old, you might need to change your electric meter to avoid any major impact to your monthly electric bills. Old analog electric meters could have lose or rusty parts which prevent the meter to function properly or an old digital meter could have a circuit or electronic part cut off or broken down.
  5. Too much discrepancy on readings – If there is a great discrepancy on the readings like the kWh value is doubled than average or it is half than average, it is a sign that the electric meter is broken. This is the first sign people will notice if they love to inspect their electric meter often.

If you notice any of the above signs, it is better to contact your power company so they can send someone to check the status of your electric meter and avoid paying more than what you consumed.…