Top Italian Restaurants To Visit With Your Family In London

It has been said that Italian cooking is something that relies mostly on the simplicity and authenticity of the ingredients and great sources which is why there are more and more people who love Italian cuisines. Now, if you and your family live in London, there are hundreds of restaurants which could offer you the best Italian dishes you can ever find. From the classical food, exciting pastas and ultimate selection of deserts and other courses, you would be sure that that you can only dine the very best of it.italiant-restaurant--300x181

To try the diversity of Italian cookery and take a break from cooking every now and then we have listed some of the best restaurants where you can taste Italian flavors:

  1. Four to Eight

If you are in London, you will never regret to visit the rated-A Four to Eight Restaurant. They are very committed in indulging their customers to their very sumptuous Italian cuisines. Their food is rightly priced, thus, you won’t really have to worry about the bill to pay. This restaurant is also known to have good wines to match every dining moment which is very perfect especially for lovers. From pasta, meat, pizza, vegetarian courses and many more, you will taste Italian flavors in every bite. If you ask where Four to Eight is situated, you just have to visit this in The Covent Garden.

  1. Salotto31

This is where you can find the simplest Italian dining. The quality of their food is very exceptional that is why so many people come and visit them always. Whether you like to have a hearty lunch or a fine dinner with friends or loved ones, you can definitely enjoy their Italian dishes. They have the most hospitable staff and offer good music as you dine.

  1. Cecconi’s

Cecconi’s never fail to serve the people with their best pasta. This is located in 5a Burlington Gardens, London, Greater London. Rest assured that all the pasta dishes they prepare are rich and delicious. Tagliatelle Bolognese is a must-try dish followed by crab ravioli, truffle pasta and veal capellini. You would never go wrong with these options because  Cecconi’s serves all the best for you.


  1. San Carlo Cicchetti

Looking for food and amazing Italian service? Then San Carlo Cicchetti is right for you! Here, you dine and get entertained with waiters who sing. You would definitely go back for more if you have tasted their pasta. Remember to pop a bottle of prosecco when you dine!

  1. Burro e Salvia

This restaurant is hailed because their dishes are created passionately with their good chef. They specialize in pasta dishes. The best thing about Burro e Salvia is that, their pasta is handmade and extremely fresh. The restaurant serves wide variety of dishes to enjoy. They prepare their dishes with extreme expertise and passion; no wonder people keep coming back for more.

These are just five of the best Italian Restaurant London you can ever find in the area. There are many more to explore and to try too, my personal favourite is La Ballerina. Wherever Italian Restaurant you are in, for sure you will never fail to satisfy your cravings; London is a home to Italian cuisines.