Top 10 barbers in London

If you search for a barber, you would get an assortment of the same. There are various kinds of barbers flooding the market, but a good barber is difficult to find. Here are the top ten barbers in London that you should keep note of.

London has some of the most talented and best barbers in the stylish salons like Drakes Of London , who specialize in waxing for men who would help you to get tidy, clean and handsome. Here is a hand full of them


Ruffians are one of the most powerful and talented team of barbers in London who create magical moments with her. They have a group of well trained and knowledgeable staff that are always ready to give you a clean expert shave or shear while you can just relax in the bright and spacious environment. The Ruffians are known to be very affordable with competitive prices and they are the best barbers you can vouch for in London.


If you are in London do not miss out on a visit to the Pankhurst beauty salon where you would get aristocratic treatment along with a hot towel massage that you just cannot miss out on. This is one of the best salons in the west that is situated on Newburgh Street. You can enjoy a range of cutthroat, perfect and accurate shaves, sitting on a Bentley chair and a Johnny walker lounge.

The Drakes of London

 Located within the Trade Union at Thomas More Square near the historic location of Katherine’s Dock Drakes, Drakes Of London, who specialize in waxing for men are one of the best barber shops that is based on an innovative style with an experimental concept. This is completely one of the best barber salons in London with exciting styles and cuts. Drakes of London offer you a variety of services like skin care, cuts and shaves eyebrow styling, facials. Massage and hand and foot treatments.

Joe and Co

Joe Mills, who is the main proprietor of this barber shop, has been running his store since 2010.This is one of the best barber salons that comprise of a light, relaxed and unfussy atmosphere. Joe and his talented team operate with a full range of services for facial hair, ear and nose waxing, haircuts, and much more.


Davictor is small salons that people in London are advised to visit. The hair salon offers some of the best hair stylists including Roberto Cavalli, Hermes shows and more. You can get a cool haircut while sitting in a cool and informal setting with a great pedicure.

Murdock London

Murdock’s barber outlets are one of the most beautiful and stylish outlets that is comparatively low priced the comprise of a wide range of luxury shaving products and a popular beard moisturizer that you can try out for your new hairdo.

Spa & Barber at Alfred Dunhill

Enter into this fabulous men’s salon and you would suddenly feel a part of a private gentlemen’s club. You would get a wide range of services, starting from manicures and pedicures to face massage. You would also have to book an appointment few weeks in advance as this place is always jostling with people.

Ted’s Grooming Rooms

One of the best hair stylists who are known for their great customer service.

Huckle the barber

A sophisticated and stylish hub for men that keep customers satisfied with the best styles in town.

Pall Mall Barbers

One of the most sophisticated and oldest respected barber shops with 350 years of experience in male grooming.…

Fashion Trends for your Children this Year

Kids simply love the idea of wearing clothes they find. With the fashion trends introduced for children this year, they could definitely love the idea of revolving around wearing their bright hues. Bold and big graphics on tops will also make them appear attractive in the eyes of people around.

As one of those parents who love to dress up your kids the stylish and best way possible, it is a lot better if you just focus on the fashion trends for your children this year. This way, they can look smart and presentable.

Remember that kids today are even the most fashion-conscious. They also love a wide range of accessories and clothes in their wardrobe. For girls, they love floral dresses. For boys, they love the idea of wearing t-shirts imprinted with sports logos.

Sunglasses for your Children

Sunglasses remain to be one of the most significant accessories introduced to children. They can be most fascinated of these kinds. The impressive thing about them is that they are presented in different brands. You may as well choose from a selection of styles and designs.

Remember that children like it spending a lot of their time outdoor. And thus, sunglasses prove to be an essential accessory. During the summer season, sunglasses may make a protective and useful sun wear. Better to choose sunglass lenses that are classified as impact resistant.

Comfortable Clothes that Look Good on your Little Girls

It is a lot better to choose from comfortable clothes that look good on your little girls. They actually love wearing clothes that are easy to get out from and get in. The trends these days revolve around perfect and bright hues. Bold and big graphics are very in. In fact, denims with appliqués and laces will stay perfect and glamorous.

During the winter months, the fashion trends highlight fake fur. Even fashionable hats are never outdated. Stripes and polka dots remain as the best choice among those little girls out there.

Clothes that Come in Natural Colors for Little Boys

Better to match and mix clothes for your children. You can also choose clothes in their different natural colors. Choose for denims in their different styles. Military inspired themed denims and denim jumpsuits are still among the best options of Moms for their little boys.

Even clothes in their yellow shade make a perfect option for the summer and sunny months. Graphic-themed shirts and jeans are also a perfect pair. And, help your kid sport that casual look by means of an arranged wardrobe.

Dress Up Your Princess in Maxi Dresses and Embellished Tanks

The interesting and fun thing to do is to dress up your princess in maxi dresses and embellished tanks. Or, you may pair up cargo pants and graphic tees. Add up some floral prints especially if the spring sets in. Even leggings are now the latest among little girls. Shorts and cropped pants are also an ideal option among these girls for the summer season.

Pink also makes a perfect color and a modern choice. Also, choose for knits that are always in these days.…